Text Books

Please click here to pay for FriendSpeak workbook http://friendspeak.net/pay/ We will mail you the workbook after we receive your payment. Or you may purchase it directly from FriendSpeak headquarter via link below.

The Core Series is the starting point for all FriendSpeak reading sessions.  These four workbooks should be used in chronological order and assume that your international Reader can at least struggle through a basic conversation in English.

FriendSpeak Luke 1 Workbooks (NEW student)

FriendSpeak Luke 2 Workbooks (AFTER you’ve finished Luke 1 workbook )

FriendSpeak Acts 1 Workbooks (AFTER you’ve finished Luke 1 & 2 workbooks )

FriendSpeak Acts 2 Workbooks (AFTER you’ve finished Acts 1 workbook )

The Discover Series is your next step after the completion of the Core Series.  These four workbooks are designed for deeper conversations and can be used in any order to build on your previous experience.

FriendSpeak John Workbook

Good News


James (Wisdom book)

Sarah’s ESL Text Book – Bible Biligual (Chinese CUV and English NIV)

Sarah’s ESL Text Book – Bible Biligual (Chinese CCB and English NIV)

NVI/NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, Bilingual (Nuevo Testamento con Salmos y Proverbios)