Our Story

Ever since God called us to leave our corporate lives as engineers in 2016 to start His ministries – ESL, FriendSpeak, Alpha, and Chinese Ministry, our lives have never been the same because we serve the Amazing God that keeps on “WOW”ing us! We made this video to share about our amazing journey with the Lord from 2014- June 2020:

Our video https://bit.ly/LukeSarahMinistry

We are looking for local mission minded churches to serve together in providing volunteers (teachers/workers) to outreach to the international communities. Currently, we’re serving at Grace Fellowship Church at 2655 S. Mason our home church.

Here is an update of the amazing works God is doing in FriendSpeak@Grace from July 2020-2021 as HIStory continues:

Psalm 2:8 Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. 你求我, 我就将列国赐你为基业, 将地极赐你为田产.

  • Luke was born in Taiwan and grew up in Malaysia. He came to US in 1990 after high school to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Arkansas. He has a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and a graduate study in Industrial Engineering. Luke started his engineering career after his graduation in 1996. Sarah was born and raised in Malaysia. She came to US in 1990 to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Arkansas, she has a bachelor and a master degree in Chemical Engineering. Sarah started her engineering career in Houston after her graduation in 1997. In 2016, both of them sensed a call to a self supported full-time ministry to reach out to the Chinese Community. On January 7th 2017, Luke and Sarah started a house worship gathering reaching out to the Chinese Community in Houston-Katy area. In March of 2017, they started teaching beginner English in their home to the Chinese community. Luke and Sarah joined Kingsland Baptist Church in 2018 volunteered full time as the Chinese Ministry Directors leading Chinese Ministry, FriendSpeak, ESL and Alpha programs until June of 2020. They’ve served as Marriage Mentors in the Family Freedom Ministry.
    They joined Grace Fellowship Church at 2655 S. Mason in 2020 September. They are currently serving at their home church.

  • 張正誼(Luke)出生於台灣, 在馬來西亞長大。 1990來美阿肯色州留學就讀電子工程, 1996年畢業於電子學士和工業研究工程。 畢業後, 在休士頓從事工作。林愛光(Sarah)出生長大於馬來西亞。1990來美阿肯色州留學就讀化學工程, 畢業化工學士和碩士。1997畢業後,在休士頓從事工作。 2016年夫婦倆人在神恩典祝福下蒙召自供全職事奉。2017年1月7日開始家庭聚會, 並在同年3月份在家里開放教英語事工 向休士頓和凱地華人社區福音外展。2018年加入「KBC」團隊投入全職志工服事華裔朋友, 帶領英語課程, Friendspeak 和 Alpha啟發外展事工 直到2020年6月。他們也曾在婚姻輔導事工服事幫助家庭在主里建造以神為中心的美滿婚姻. 他們目前在 Grace Fellowship Church at 2655 S. Mason 服事.

Our Contacts:

  • Luke Chong | Luke@FriendSpeak.net
  • Sarah Chong | Sarah@FriendSpeak.net