FriendSpeak Baptism Testimony – Yang Yi (Young)(Aug 22nd, 2021)

Two years ago, I came to United States. Before I came to United States, I was an atheist. When I came here, I get to know Sarah and Luke. They shared with me the Gospel of Jesus. They gave me a bilingual Bible that has English and Chinese. She read the Bible with me and I also attended her bible study class.

Slowly, I started to read the bible myself and I started to believe the existence of God. God created the whole universe. God from His own image, He made human beings – Adam and Eve. Because of Satan, they sin so sin comes into the world. I started to realize that I am also a sinner. God sent his own Son Jesus to come to the world to die for us and to forgive my sins.

In believing in God, I have a new life. My new beginning is because of grace that comes from God. I decided to accept Jesus as my Savior and I decided to be baptized. From now on, I would like to serve God and to worship and praise Him because of His love for me. For the remaining days of my life, I would like to serve Him and use my brush strokes to spread the Gospel (as Yang is an artist). Thank God for He has chosen me. Amen!

弟兄姐妹們好!我來美國快二年了,來美國之前我是無神論者,有幸認識Sarah夫妻,給我傳福音,送了我中英文對照聖經和合本,我開始試着翻閱聖經,同時在Sarah 的指導下,學英語上聖經啓蒙課,慢慢開始了我對上帝的認識,相信是祂创造了世界萬物,上帝還按祂的形像創造了我們人類。然而,因亞當和夏娃受撒但的指使,導至罪入世界,從此留下了人類的羞恥、痛苦、孤獨和死亡。我也深深的感受到我是一個罪人,是上帝對世人的顯現,讓耶穌來到世上宣講上帝的福音,通過耶穌釘十字架受難,用生命的寶血赦免我的罪行,用天父的愛和憐憫的心,讓我重新活在神的恩典里。「所以我決定接受耶穌做我的救主 並決定受洗歸入主的名下」

YangYi also started displaying his Bible Artworks on Youtube with the storyline from the Book of Matthew in Chinese: