FriendSpeak/ESL Spring Picnic 2023

FriendSpeak Picnic ◆ April 29 ◆ 11am-1pm ◆ Porch at Grace Fellowship Church

YOU ARE INVITED to join us as we celebrate FriendSpeak and ESL end of Spring semester with food, fun, and fellowship! FriendSpeak and ESL at Grace Fellowship help our international friends with English and Friendship since September 2020.  We have 150+ volunteers and 250+ internationals.

Students please register and feel free to invite your friends and family. Each student please bring a dish from your country to share with others. Portion of the dish – serve 6 people 

Volunteers… this is a family friendly serving opportunity! We’ll need help with décor and set up, and clean up after the program ends.

If you have any questions:   

Email or call/text Sarah at 713-503-2193 or Sandy at churchinaction@w

Please bring a serving size for 6 people.
Please also advise if it contains nuts or pork products.
I, my family and any minor children in my care and custody, knowingly release, absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless Grace Fellowship Church, their network partners, members, trustees, directors, leadership, and staff, as well as counselors, organizers and workers.